Gorilla Brigade


What is your real name?

What is the Gorilla Brigade?
A former identity. The name was cool so I kept it. I'm the only artist involved. It's not a collective.

Do you take commissions?
Yes. Use the contact form to send a request.

Do you exhibit?
I have a residency at Number 9 Studios in Toronto. And I've had work in various shows.

Do you ship worldwide?

Which are your preferred mediums?
Oil, charcoal, watercolor, graphite and everything else I can get my hands on. 

Where are you located?
Arguably the greatest city in the world, Toronto.

Do you teach or have any video demos?
No to teaching. There are some short process vids on my Instagram account (@gorillabrigade).

How long does shipping take?
Within North America, usually less than 8 days. Europe, a couple of weeks at most. Everywhere else, 2-3 weeks. These are estimates. All packages are tracked. 

Why do you call yourself the big bad gorilla?
What else would i call myself?